Adjusting Your Sprinkler Timers

Lawns are a large water consumer and we want to help patrons to conserve their irrigation water.  One way to conserve is to make sure your sprinkler system is running efficiently, and only giving your lawn the water it needs.  It is possible to have a green healthy lawn and reduce its water consumption.

Get familiar with your sprinkler timers.

*If you have lost your sprinkler timer directions most of the time you can find them on-line or contact your sprinkler company and they can walk you through the process.

Audit Your Sprinkler System:

Thoroughly check your sprinkler system each spring when you first turn it on.  After each mowing, check to make sure sprinkler heads haven’t been broken or knocked out of alignment.

Program you sprinkler system to water in cycles- five minutes on, five minutes off – to allow water to soak into the ground.

Set your irrigation clock to water only what each zone needs.

Realign heads that are spraying too high in the air, across paved areas, or into tall grass.

Rain sensors stop your sprinkler system from coming on in the rain.  Having a rain sensor on your sprinkler system makes you an elite water conserver and the District thanks you!