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The Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District is responsible for the water main lines in the street to the property service. Property owners are responsible for their service lines on their property.  If there is a leak in the meter box please call the office.

If you plan to rent or lease your property within the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District the account information cannot be changed. The owner of the property is liable for any unpaid domestic bills or irrigation assessments.  The District can mail an occupant bill copy to the renter and also to you.



Leaks aren’t always obvious and can often lead to high water bills.  While some are easy to fix, others will require a plumber.

The Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District is responsible for repairing leaks on the main and in the service cans.  If there is a break on the customer’s side then it’s the responsibility of the customer to fix.  Toilets are the most common leak culprit, so check your toilets to ensure you’re not wasting water.

To report a leak on a water main, in a service can, or to request an inspection of your water meter, contact the District office at (208) 746-8235.

How to find leaks:

1. Locate your water meter.

2. Locate your water supply shut-off valve.

3. Turn off all faucets and any water using appliances.

4. Check the meter.  The meter numbers or dials should not turn.  After 30 minutes, take another look.  If the hand or numbers have moved, you have a leak between the house and the meter.  No meter movement, turn the house water supply on.  Check the meter. If there is movement, then you have a leak inside the home. Check your faucets, toilets, and water using appliances.

5.  Call the LOID if you need the water turned off in the meter can.

If Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District discovers you have an unusually high domestic water reading, we will attempt to inform you of the possible leak.  You are required to repair the leak in a timely manner to receive a leak adjustment from the District.

Steps to qualify for an adjustment to your upcoming water bill.

  1.  Action to correct leak is taken immediately following notification.
  2.  Leak is identified and repaired within 30 days from the billing date in which the water loss occurred.
  3.  Water Leak Adjustment Request Form along with supporting documentation is completed and received by our office at:  1520 Powers Avenue within 30 days from the billing date.
  4.  Contact the LOID Billing Clerk at (208) 746-8235 to see if your property qualifies.

**  Certain exclusions apply.  Please click the link below to review the full policy.

Click here to read our full leak adjustment policy.

Water Leak Adjustment Request Form


The Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District is asking patrons to help protect our drinking water.  Our water system has a check valve to prevent water backing up into our pipes after it has crossed through the meter.  However, a cross connection or a backflow can happen.

A cross connection is a physical connection between a drinkable water supply and a source of contamination or pollution with a non-drinkable water supply.  Because LOID supplies domestic (potable) and irrigation (non-potable) water a cross connection could occur if a homeowner works on his or her plumbing and connects to the water delivery system incorrectly.  Backflow occurs when water can flow in the reverse direction.

Cross connections can be found anywhere the public water supply connects with residential or commercial plumbing systems.  Homeowners need to be aware of situations where the tap water could come in contact with non-potable water.

Please be careful to not create a backflow or a cross connection.  Millions of dollars are spent to ensure our patrons have safe drinking water.  The results of a cross connection or backflow contamination could result in illness and possibly death.



If you own rental property or properties in the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District…

1.  The domestic bill / irrigation assessment can be mailed to different addresses.  Many landlords want a copy of the domestic bill to monitor the account activity.  This is one way a landlord can ensure the domestic bills are being paid.  The District’s billing system will send a copy of the domestic bill and a copy of the irrigation assessment to the renter’s address and the property owner’s address.

2.  You cannot have your renter set up his/her own account.  The account must stay in the property owner name; however, an occupant copy may be mailed to the renter.  If for any unforeseen reason the irrigation assessment is not paid, a lien will be filed in the property owner name.  The property owner is ultimately responsible for the domestic bills and irrigation assessments.



*If you are selling your home and using a title company.

Your title company should notify LOID of the pending sale/purchase and the service location to be transferred after closing has been completed.

*If you are selling your home and not using a title company. 

Buyers beware… the District needs to be notified of the sale by providing a copy of the quit claim deed.  You may also become responsible if there are any unpaid bills for the property and water service may be discontinued until the account is paid in full.