Annex/De-Annex from District

To annex lands into the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District the proposed lands must be touching or adjacent to the current Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District boundaries.

Note:  Landowners wanting to annex lands into the district for water service will only be eligible for domestic water.  The boundaries of the irrigation district are set and will not move due to the occasional need to implement conservation restrictions on irrigation water.  LOID has enough domestic water to meet the needs of current patrons  and new landowners.  The domestic water service boundaries are different from the irrigation boundaries. 

Undeveloped land within the irrigation district boundaries are eligible for purchase an irrigation service.

1. Landowner Must Submit an Annexation Request-The request to annex lands into the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District must be submitted to the office.  The request must include a legal property description, map, acreage, and landowner contact information.  Idaho Code 43-1001.

2. Impact Evaluation- Staff will review and evaluate the proposed lands to be annexed into the District.  Staff will determine the method by which water will be delivered to the land(s).  Staff will report findings at the next monthly board meeting.

3. Publication– The notice of proposed annexation will be published in the local newspaper once a week for three consecutive weeks.  The publication must include a description of the lands, and shall serve as notification to all interested parties that may be affected by the change in District boundaries.  The petitioners are responsible for the publication fees and must pay the estimated costs.  Idaho Code 43-1003.

4. Public Hearing– The public hearing shall take place at the monthly board meeting following the completion of the publication.  Any patrons present will be allowed to voice support for or against the annexation.  Support for or against may also be submitted by patrons in writing.  After the public hearing is closed, the board will accept or reject the annexation of lands into the District.  Idaho Code 43-1004.

5. Approval of the Order of Annexation– If the board accepts the annexation of the lands or a portion of the lands into the District; they will do so by making an order and approving by resolution.

6. The Petitioner Shall Pay for Annexation and Connection fees-The Petitioner is responsible for the cost of the annexation of lands and for the connection fee to the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation’s water service.  Any development needed to bring water to the lands will be at the petitioner’s expense.  The estimated costs will be determined by Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District.

7. Rejects the Order of Annexation– If the board rejects the order of annexation, no other action is taken.

90 day Waiting Period– The approval or rejection of the annexation does not become effective until the ninety (90) day period for landowners to appeal the decision of the board.  The appeal petition must be signed by either 10 landowners or by two percent (2%) of the landowners, whichever is greater.  The signatures of the petition will be verified.  An election will be held to approve or disapprove the said annexation.  Election notice will be published.   Idaho Code 43-1008.

8. Order of Annexation– After the ninety (90) day period has been completed and no appeal is filed or after the said election is complete the order of annexation shall be signed by the president and secretary of the board and certified in the County Recorder’s office.  The certified copy shall be placed in the minutes and a copy maintained in a District office file.

Current Estimated Cost of Annexation: 
Publication Fee: $300.00
Per Acre: $1250.00
Connection Fee: $2000.00
Water Service: Price is determined by size of service

2017 UPDATE  – Zone 8

The Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District Board of Directors have adopted a plan to bring water to the developable land east of the current LOID boundary.  The Zone 8 Annexation Fee was created as a method to finance the infrastructure needed.  Landowners of Zone 8 who wish to annex into the District for domestic water will pay $2,309 per acre, charged to the nearest 1/100th of an acre.  The collected amount will go into a fund to be used on infrastructure needed to serve domestic water at adequate pressure in Zone 8. Click here for a map of Zone 8.  Please contact District Manager Barney Metz if you would like further information on annexing into our district.

In an effort to stay litigation, the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District (LOID) and the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nez Perce Tribe in July 2009.  Other signers included Nez Perce County, the City of Lewiston and the Lewis Clark Valley Chamber of Commerce.  The project is known as the Lower Clearwater Exchange Project (LCEP).  The LCEP group’s objective is to explore and pursue the potential of constructing an alternate water supply replacing the surface water system currently used by LOID for the delivery of irrigation water.  The alternate system must provide a safe and reliable quantity of irrigation water to landowners within the District and provide permanent resolution of the Endangered Species Act and Federal/Tribal Trust issues surrounding the system.

In August 2013, the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District entered into a Cooperative Agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation to complete design and construction for a pilot groundwater well project to investigate the practicality of a well field as an alternative water supply.  The pilot well will be drilled to provide water in exchange for a proportional amount of the LOID irrigation water currently supplied through the surface water system which has its source on Craig Mountain.  The objective of the new well is to partially resolve impacts to endangered steelhead and their habitat caused by surface withdrawals of irrigation water.

In an effort to provide a more reliable source of irrigation water for landowners in the Lewiston Orchards, the LOID purchased land off of 10th Street and Powers Avenue.  With financial assistance from the BOR, the site will be home to a new deep water well.  Drilling is slated to begin in early October 2014.  LOID is prepared to drill up to 1,900 linear feet deep in order to obtain the target production yield of 2,000 gallons per minute.  Drilling could continue through Spring 2015.  If the well is productive, a gallon for gallon exchange will be made with surface water from the Craig Mountain watershed going to the fish and well water going to the irrigation system.  Contingent on the success of this pilot well, the BOR has committed to funding additional wells to replace the entire groundwater system from the Craig Mountain watershed.